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Air Purification

Based on the raising air pollution in Thailand which can be observed on the AQI readings and especially the PM 2.5 levels which are most serious to the human lungs, KMA did team up begin of 2019 with the reliable and reputable company alfda. Alfda is a German company well established on the German and European market with, but not only products for air purifications at cutting edge technology with continued development. All air purifiers can be equipped with different filter types based on environmental or personal requirements. KMA as the Thai partner of alfda will cover warranty claims within Thailand and holds stock of necessary spare parts as well as wear parts, i.e. all kind of different HEPA Filters in sizes and types.

What KMA stands for

We are generally interested in long lasting business relationships to fair conditions for all involved parties. We strive to create a 'triple win' situation for customer, partner and KMA. Only full dedication to the projects from us and our partner can satisfy the customer and with that, gain the needed trust.
The support of our esteemed partners, the access to their global experience and full cooperation enables KMA to give the best possible support to the customer and end-user from the design stage over installation to production and ultimately sales support.